John's Continental Divide Trail Hike


I have a limited diet, but still have a list of stuff I'd enjoy getting along the way. The biggest thing to watch out for is sweeteners. I won't eat anything with sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, honey, etc. A little grain malt is OK. Fruit juice sweetened is OK.

Lydia’s Organics

Just about anything they carry, including :

Luna Nori Crackers

Italian Crackers

Apple Fig Bars

Tropical Mango Bars

Spirulina Bars

Raspberry Bars

Grainless Apple Cereal

From Trader Joe's

Zen Bakery Oat/Cranberry Cookies

Zen Bakery Muffins

Dolmas (in can)

Kettle Chips Salt and Pepper Chips

Julian Bakery

Manna from Heaven (sprouted bread), or any of their wheat-free, sweet-free loaves.

Call 1800 98BREAD on a Monday send only one or two loaves to a single mail drop, please.

Ship to me fast!

Suncakes from Heart Thrive

800 830-0309

Poppy Seed flavor, two to a package

Look for them in health food stores


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